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The Society of Black Pathologists (SBP)

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing barriers to diversity and inclusion, working to increase the number of Black and underrepresented minorities in pathology, providing mentorship to support career and leadership development, and expanding research in the area of healthcare disparities.

Building the Workforce and Providing Mentorship

Pipeline efforts to expand the pathology and laboratory medicine workforce are key to addressing health equities. SBP is committed to connecting with students from underrepresented minorities, supporting their training through scholarship aid, and providing mentorship and leadership opportunities that will allow them to make a significant impact on patient care.

Expanding Health Disparities Research

Providing quality care for all patients requires understanding and addressing diseases that disproportionately impact minorities. SBP’s mission involves conducting research that will expand our understanding of theses healthcare issues and guide the next steps to address them.
The Society of Black Pathologists (SBP) seeks to encourage more underrepresented persons of color to enter the pathology profession. Our goals are to increase diversity and inclusion in our field, and to provide mentorship and opportunities for leadership development such that the individuals in our profession reflect the communities we serve. We also plan to conduct more evidence-based research on healthcare issues that affect underrepresented populations, so that outstanding and inclusive patient care is a prioritized standard.
Carla L. Ellis, MD, MS, FASCP SBP President